sam tsui !

salam . .
hye3 . .

arinie , purple nak buat entri psal sorunk artist kacak yg
sngt fofuler kat tenet . . die nie artist internet ajep . .
tp lagu2 die sngt best n suare die sngtlah sedap . .

about him

sam tsui a.k.a Samuel Tsui (born May 2, 1989) is a Chinese American musician and Internet celebrity who rose to fame on YouTube. Starting in 2009, Tsui and Schneider have produced a series of episodes of College Musical, a comedy web series parodying the High School Musical film series, with original songs composed by Schneider. Four episodes have been released, with Tsui playing the lead role of Cooper. Following the popularity of the series, it was announced that a film, currently in production, would be made based on the series.

and this is his produser

dorunk nie student je . . dorunk abiskan mase lpng dorunk dgn uat video klip . tp untung gak la , bukan free . dorunk nyayi lagu artist2 laen , tp diolah n menjadi lg sedap . . huhu =) . terpegun sebentar !

~ usha clip video sam tsui ~

- just a dream-

-dj got us falling in love again-

lov3 . . lov3 . . lov3

aishh . like je ke ? comment2 la cikit . peace ^^V

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sya fieqa said...

nsem n lagu pon besh dgr..
btw, nice blog..

bibi bibo said...

i love you sam tsui !

bibi bibo said...

i love you sam tsui !